Manufacturing and installation in process industry
Stainless steel equipment and installation

About us

Our Company

Our Company was founded at 1999. and since than continuous working at installations of equipment in Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry. Company is in private property and consist of 41 workers.

Structure of employs is as follows:

  • TIG welders : 13 executor
  • Pipe specialists : 17 executors
  • Other speciality skills and management : 7 executors.

We are doing orbital welding since 2003. on smaller pharmaceutical objects as well as on breweries, dairies, beverage factories and plants for food industry. Workshop with a capacity for a small manufacturing of products and assemblies for the food, beverage and pharma industries in fact the products made from stainless steel fabricated by welding.

Our Stock

On our stock in every moment we have a very big ammount of pipe material (tubes, valves and fittings according to DIN 11850 in all dimensions and quality AISI 304 and AISI 316).

This fact keep as ahead of a lot of others contractors, because we are able to make a very quick respond to investors requirements.

Technical Equipment

  • Orbital welding machine ORBIMATIC 160C with two closed welding heads (range DN10 - DN150) - 1 complete machine.
  • Orbital welding machine ORBITEC with three closed welding head (range DN20 - DN150) and one open welding head (range DN20 - DN150) - 2 complete machines.
  • Oxymeter for measuring of shielded gas purity - 3 complete.
  • Industrial endoscope Olympus IPLEX MX - 1 complete, with probe length 3,0 m for visual inspection of inner surface of welding joint quality which alow us to make a complete quality management (technical documentation) according to new regulations in pharmacy, food and beverage industry.
  • Surface roughness meter MYTUTOYO - 1 complete, for surface quality inspection.
  • Machines for tube and pipe preparation Orbitalum Tools (ex GEORG FISCHER) - 10 complete.
  • KEMPPI welding machines with minlog function, several sizes : 28 complete.
  • Equipment for grinding a tungsten electrode and all a lot of other necessary machines, tools and accessories for stainless steel processing and installation, vehicles for transportation of working stuff and vehicles for transportation of installation equipment and material.

Certificates and licences